La Cucina


Okinawan-Made Bath Amenities that Give You Further Comfort

The word “amenity” means “comfort.” We wish to produce products that make your stay at Okinawa's resorts more luxurious and beautiful.

Our products come in contact with the skin and their fragrances are inhaled into the body, so we use natural ingredients as much as possible. Each product is made carefully with expert skill, using ingredients such as naturally derived essential oil, quality edible olive oil, and Okinawan sea salt.

Bath amenities that are eco-friendly created by sustainable manufacturing.

Enjoy the comfort of being enveloped by the nature of Okinawa, in the guest room or in the bathroom.



Introducing a “Resort-Lifestyle” Originating in Okinawa that Engages Your Five Senses

Sparkling cobalt-blue sea and gradually shape-changing thunderclouds The gentle sound of waves you start to hear as the night falls...

Products that will bring back the bliss and comfort of the resort and make you smile every time you use them.

We will deliver these bath amenities, which are loved by people of all ages around the world, according to the customer's requests and the facility's atmosphere.

The scent, the look, and the music
Our wish is to realize a beautiful and comfortable resort lifestyle through our bath amenities.


VENUSTUS has visited many resort areas, not only in Okinawa, but also around the world including Europe and Southeast Asia, and we love the marriage of nature and culture born in each place.

ased on our resort experience in the various regions, we will provide resort space and bath amenities that are unique and special to Okinawa.


As our products come in contact with skin and their fragrances are inhaled, we carefully select good-quality, natural ingredients. As for ingredients, such as vegetable oils and fats, Okinawan-made sea salts, and essential oils, we use naturally-derived, trusted materials that have been a part of people's lives since ancient times. We also place emphasis on minimizing the effect on the environment, including the impact of bath amenities, such as soaps and bath salts, on rivers and oceans.


We value the importance of sight, smell, and touch as well as language, and believe that product package design is also a form of communication. We hope you enjoy and are comforted by the beauty of the design.


We will produce and suggest music that is based on the global music genre called “chill-out.” It will be tailored for a particular time of day, such as morning, afternoon, sunset, or nighttime, and specific to each location, such as the lounge, poolside, guest rooms, etc.

We will offer a comprehensive proposal of the bath amenities
that are best suited to your hotel,
from designing the concept to developing products and packaging.

Items that can be produced as resort bath amenities:

  • Bath salts (Okinawa seawater salt, natural essential oil)
  • Soaps (facial, body)
  • Body mists
  • Treatment oils (massage oils)
  • Perfumes
  • Bath essences
  • Blended oils
  • Balms
  • Shampoos, conditioners, body soaps (liquid), lotions
  • Skin toners
  • Emulsions

Past projects associated with the production of resort bath amenities (in random order):

The Ritz-Carlton Okinawa
For guest rooms: Original bath salts / Facial soaps
For spas:Bath salts
Hoshinoya Taketomi Island
For guest rooms: Original bath salts / body mists / original balms
For spas: Treatment oils
Shigira Bayside Suite Allamanda
For guest rooms: Original bath salts / original bath essences
Kafuu Resort Fuchaku Condo Hotel
For guest rooms: Original bath salts



Naturally-Made Soaps that Began at an Herb Garden on Ishigaki Island

It all started out at an herb garden on Ishigaki Island.
About 20 years ago, the owner moved to Okinawa from Tokyo and produced soaps using high-quality, edible oil and the herbs grown in his parents' garden. The soaps gained popularity.

As soaps come in direct contact with the body, safe and natural ingredients, such as herbs, olive oil, almond oil, and coconut oil, are used abundantly. Since we make soaps like we cook food, we named the brand “La Cucina” which means “kitchen” in Italian.

The soaps are made using a cold process method and, through much time and effort,have a relaxing effect and an ability to retain moisture. We hope you will experience the blessings of the plants living in harmony on earth through these soaps.WEB SITE

The Bliss of an Island Resort that Engages Your Five Senses

“Yukui” means “spending time in a relaxed way” in the Okinawan language. It is a soothing bath amenity brand that relaxes the mind and body with fragrances inspired by Okinawa's nature, such as Tiida (sun), Paikaji (south wind), and Uruma (coral island). These products are made carefully, releasing the power of nature contained in natural ingredients, like essential oils and herbs that have been selected and gathered from around the world.WEB SITE

A “Travel and Resort” Themed Natural Bath Amenity Brand

The luxury of doing nothing in the middle of nowhere with no-one around...just chilling out
Why don't you get away from your busy life and go on a trip to release your mind, body, and spirit?

The Chill Out natural amenity series was created based on this concept combined with the essence of “travel.” The series contains amenity items that excite the senses, conveying the mood and nuance that cannot be conveyed through words.WEB SITE



Our Commitments Regarding the Product Development

Our Commitments Regarding the Product Development

Our soap manufacturing is done at a new systemized facility using the cold process method. Views of the ocean can be enjoyed from the factory's hilltop location, and our staff members enjoy interacting with nature by growing herbs in the garden during their work breaks.

We have also installed an automatic filling machine for bath salts (bath additives), the only one in the prefecture, and a mass production system for manufacturing bath amenities.



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Venustus Corporation

Established Date
May 2004 Established as the Soap Manufacturing Department of Garden Pana Ltd.
February 2008 Entity conversion into Venustus Corporation
3,000,000 yen
Takeo Toyama, CEO
Naoko Toyama, Executive Director
Business Areas
  1. Manufacturing and distribution of bath amenities such as soaps and bath salts (bath additives)
  2. Manufacturing and distribution of items for use at resort hotels and spas such as soaps, massage oils, scrubs, aroma oils, etc.
  3. Operation of shops handling soaps, bath goods, aromatherapy items, etc.
Approvals and Licenses
Certification for Manufacturing and Distribution of Cosmetics No. 47C0X00070
Certification for Manufacturing Cosmetics No. 47CZ208063
Our Main Banks
Bank of the Ryukyus (Koza Branch) / the Okinawa Kaiho Bank (Koza Branch)
Delivery Record
Major resort hotels in Okinawa prefecture / Paradise Plan Co., Ltd. / Bals Corporation / Beams Co., Ltd. / Okinawa Products Associated Co., Ltd. / The Loft Co., Ltd. / Tokyu Hands Inc. / DyDo Drinco, Inc. / Sanrio Company, Ltd., etc.
Corporate History
October 2007 Originally produced Hello Kitty soap for Sanrio
November 2007 Provided products for Nippon-no Iimono Campaign in vending machines throughout Japan for a project with DyDo Drinco and Kadokawa
February 2008 Participated in the Okinawa Spa Symposium
February 2009 Participated in the “Ryukyu Modern Style Exhibit” held at Rin (Aoyama,Tokyo)
March 2009 Participated in the NIPPON MONO ICHI
December 2009 Participated in the Creation Spirits held at Spiral in Aoyama
January 2010 Participated in the International Fashion Fair
March 2010 Participated in the NIPPON MONO ICHI
January 2011 Participated in the International Fashion Fair
March 2011 Participated in the Nippon Soap Collection
January 2012 Participated in the 2nd Nippon Soap Collection
July 2013 Exhibited Chill Out bath amenity series at “monova” in Tokyo


Head Office/Shop

2-6-46 Chuo, Okinawa-shi Okinawa-ken, 904-0004 JAPAN

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2-5-31-1F Matuo Naha-shi, Okinawa-ken, 900-0014, Japan

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Laboratory:Kitanaka Lab

1449-2 Shimabukuro Kitanakagusuku-son, Okinawa-ken, 901-2301, Japan

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